Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Smile and the World will Smile Back

This is an interesting concept i really love to follow. It is almost as literal as the title believe it or not...I swear sometimes people think i am right estranged because i smile all the time. What do i gain in return for smiling? Just a smile back. It seems so small yet it is so simple, but it probably has more impact on a person than one would think. A smile is something you dont really see everyday. The importance of smile is definately underestimated.
It can open a conversation, bring a comfortable feeling to your day, or even get you noticed in a world of millions of people. Face it... smiling is a positive sign of body language, and it is one of the strongest forms being both in the open and direct.

Think about your last experience in a job interview. Were you nervous or were you worried? Did you sense doubt? What if you walked in shook your employers hand, smiled, and introduced yourself. You immediately break the ice, show you are both confident as well as holding a positive attitude which are truly quality traits.

Simple acts of kindness can go along way as well. Something as simple as a smile can do alot more than one would think. Maybe if you have time read the article the author has written below. Funny how far a two second action can further your life, or someone else's...

A Smile Today Could Save a Life Tomorrow

People can think i am odd for smiling all the time, but i am glad i do. It has opened many opportunities i thought i would never have, and has helped brighten the day of the people around me....

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