Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Life it is truly a simple thing...

Life is actually a very simple thing filled with so many other complications that usually creates something not quite as planned. Most of us get up everyday, go to work, bitch about a boss, nag because this person did that, shake a couple times and repeat.
Other times we struggle to keep our heads above water grasping to primal instinct in what some call a civilized world.
Have you ever heard the term unfortune...everybody in their lives probably have experienced this to some degree. Un-for-tu-nate in defined form is "Characterized by undeserved bad luck; unlucky."
My blog is simple. I have spent so many years caught up in the ramble that i wish to share some of the things along the way that i have learned. It is a magazine about Life...the good things...the simple things...and sometimes will even look how to get through the unfortunate things.

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