Thursday, November 19, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness

Random acts of kindness are as powerful as a smile. They are small they require near nothing in effort, and are rewarded with one of the greatest things in the world; one we may find ourselves complaining we dont have enough of...appreciation. Try it just for fun. It can be something as simple as stopping to turn around with a smile, and holding open a door for a complete stranger, or even helping someone complete a task they are struggling with. Everytime you receive a thank you, We receive know that thing we always bitch we dont have enough of?

That is all it is, and it will make you feel amazing to know it is noticed!

I remember a story almost 7 years ago now where i had went a little out of my way with this moral. It was a girl i had met, and one i will never forget. She worked in a huge city, and me being the country boy was completely and utterly lost. I walked into a gift shop, and asked her for directions. I know i needed help.

She had a beautiful smile, and without even a hesitation helped me find where i was going. Suddenly i felt like that huge city was almost as comfortable as home. I thanked Kari, and left the store. I wanted her to know how she made me feel, and let her know how appreciated she was. I immediately ran off to the nearest flower shop in the mall (Haha yes as corny as it sounds!), and grabbed her a single rose. The smile i got in return when i gave it to her made me feel damn good inside. I felt even better to see how happy she see i was the first person to go out of my way to bring her flowers.

Kari's favorite flower is a blue orchid maybe one day she will tell you why.... Two people that never would have known each other from that day forward formed a friendship, and to this day i am sure she thinks of me as i think of her smile.

Imagine what life would be like if everyone took just a minute to do something little for one another. If we actually showed our appreciation towards each other. I am sure that we will no longer complain, or feel we are lacking...

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